Midland's Legacy High School Bands will host the 2021 Bands Of America Marching Band Championship--Saturday, October 2nd at Grande Communications Stadium. That means that High School Marching Bands from all over the country--Texas, Nevada, and Colorado--are all headed to the Permian Basin for the competition. The Bands Of America 2021 West Texas Regional Championship is an event for the whole family-26 high school Marching Bands will start the day off in the preliminary competition. Only the best of the best--the top 12-will move on to the evening Finals. The judges are a panel of Nationally recognized music teachers and marching band experts--deciding the fate of all who compete.

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This year is extra special because the event was cancelled last year due to Covid--so everyone is ready to get back to life and to having a positive, life-changing influence on students. Music For All and Bands Of America have been making a difference in student's lives since 1975. Dr. Jeremy Earnhart, President and CEO of Music For All said:

"Music for All is about building leaders and celebrating teachers. The Bands of America Championship in Midland is a celebration of music education at its finest, showcasing the excellence, teamwork, and student leadership of the region's outstanding marching bands," says Earnhart. "These young performers and their achievements advocate for the importance of music education in schools locally and nationwide".

The winner of the competition moves on to the Bands of America Grand National Championships, presented by Yamaha and the U.S. Marines, in Indianapolis Indiana Nov. 11-13.

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