You could write several books about the haunted history of the Baker Hotel and Spa in Mineral Wells, Texas.

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It all started in the 1880s, when people came to the city in droves to sample the magical mineral water, later known as Crazy Water. The mineral-rich liquid was said to heal those who used it.

History of the Baker Hotel

Hotel tycoon Theodore Basher Baker and architect Wyatt C. Hendrick decided to capitalize on the crowds coming for the healing waters, and the Baker was born.

Despite opening during the first year of the Depression in 1929, the Baker was a success for several years, attracting celebrities and other well-known travelers. It was the first hotel in Texas to have a swimming pool, and other amenities included a gym, bowling alley, and beauty parlor.

After a brief heyday, the hotel struggled for many years, and finally closed in 1972. However, in 2019, things started looking up for the Baker, with plans to renovate and reopen the storied Texas landmark in 2024.

Baker Hotel and Spa TikTok Story

When thebakerhotelandspa TikTok account went live, videos of the flip went viral, making everyone sit up and watch the hotel's amazing renovation.

Mark Rawlings, general partner and restoration project manager for the hotel, is a TikTok sensation, with almost 100,000 followers keeping up with his progress.

Bonnie and Clyde's Room

According to the Texas Observer, famed bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde had the carpet taken out of the hall near their room so they could hear if police were approaching.

Ghosts at the Baker Hotel

There are many ghost stories and tales of paranormal encounters at the hotel over the years, especially after it closed. The historic site has even been featured on shows that highlight the unexplained, including Ghost Adventures and Celebrity Ghost Encounters.

The mistress of T.B. Baker is probably one of the most famous ghost stories at the hotel. According to, she jumped to her death from the 14th floor. Some visitors have reported smelling lavender perfume, which she was known to wear, while others claim to have seen the ghost of a bloody nude woman.

So, are you ready to book a stay at the Baker Hotel when the renovations are finished? Who knows who (or what) might show up for the grand opening?


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