UPDATE (4/28): Soules is now facing a Class D felony for his involvement in the incident, according to Us WeeklyHe could be facing jail time. Still, his legal team insisted to CTV News that he "acted reasonably" following the crash by calling 911 and even trying to rescusitate the victim, who eventually died.

ORIGINAL POST (4/25): Former Bachelor frontman Chris Soules was arrested this morning (April 25) after allegedly leaving the scene of a deadly car crash that left one person dead.

According to TMZSoules, who appeared on the show's 19th season in 2015, was driving his Chevy pickup near Aurora, Iowa at about 8 PM last night (April 24) when he rear-ended a John Deere tractor and sent it into a ditch. The driver of the tractor was taken in an ambulance to the hospital where he was eventually pronounced dead. Soules fled the scene but left his truck behind, according to the local KWWL.

Soules was arrested a little past 1 AM this morning (April 25) for leaving the scene of the crime after police spent hours obtaining a search warrant. He is now in court awaiting arraignment and is being held on a $10,000 cash bond. TMZ reports he was in possession of alcohol containers, and was identified by police after witnesses called and reported the incident.

People reports that Soules was not charged with driving under the influence. KWWL adds that Soules has "not been cooperative with law enforcement." He was previously arrested in 2006 for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

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