Avril Lavigne in saying goodbye to her signature look, at least for the moment.

The "Complicated" songstress shared a new video to her Instagram account, where she had fellow singer Yungblud chop off her hair.

Lavigne can be seen sitting on the toilet in the video as Yungblud takes a pair of silver scissors and cuts off her orange and blonde hair. She asks for a beer as Yungblud ends up taking off about a foot of hair.

Both singers shared the video to their respective social media accounts with Lavigne simply captioning hers: "I'm A Mess @yungblud."

The video came shortly before the pair announced that they would be collaborating on new music, in particular a new single called "I’m A Mess."

Set for release on Nov. 3, the pair took to Twitter to share the official cover art for it, which shows both artists handcuffed together along with the new hairdo from Lavigne.

As for what the vibes of the song will be, Yungblud revealed that the song "is full-on lookin out the window of your parents car pretendin [sic] you’re in a music video vibes."

Earlier this year, both Lavigne and Yungblud released studio albums. Entitled Love Sux, Lavigne's saw her return to her pop-punk roots and was met with acclaim from fans and critics.

Similarly, Yungblud shared his self-titled album, which also received rave reviews from fans and critics.

Additionally, Lavigne joined Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat at last weekend's When We Were Young Festival to cover Blink-182's "All The Small Things."

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