For the love of everything do as I say and not as I do when it comes to driving in this area! Oh my gosh. I did it for the second time yesterday and I have zero patience, so there's that. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. When heading into Odessa from Highway 191, if you attempt to take the exit to loop 338, just don't!

There is some road construction happening there and if I'm not mistaken this is week 2. As you can see the left lane is closed which makes this exit only 1 lane of bumper to bumper, backed up traffic.
This is a regular route for me so despite having to wait an eternity last week, my lunacy kicked in and I tried it again yesterday. Why am I like this? Did I think it was going to go by faster this time? It didn't.

Also, if you think you are going to cut through the parking lot and hang a left at Bubba's to get on to loop 338 quicker, the line of others attempting to do the same is just as long, so you're better off avoiding the area altogether. Take an alternate route because by the same token, the light in the same area, loop 338 and Highway 191 is backed up for miles. (heading South on loop 338 going toward MCM Elegante).

I'm not sure exactly how long this road construction in that area is going to last but if you happen to be in a hurry and take either one of these routes, that is on you because I forewarned you! lol

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