SPOILERS for one scene in Avengers: Infinity War follow. 

Brothers Joe and Anthony Russo have made their Arrested Development loyalty clear while helming two movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Captain America: Civil War, the Bluth family’s stair car made a cameo during that big fight at the airport, and the Russos added another hidden Easter egg into Infinity War for Arrested Development fans to find.

Recently, Pajiba unearthed an old tweet with a screencap from the scene in which the Guardians meet the Collector for the second time that was leaked online last year (h/t Vulture). Trapped in one of the Collector’s display cases is Tobias Fünke after he blue himself:

The Russo brothers have directed 14 episodes of Arrested Development between them, including the pilot, and they’re not about to let anyone forget where they came from. According to Vulture, if you stay through the credits and pay attention, Arrested Development is thanked at the end of Infinity War for allowing the use of one of their characters. Disney hasn’t confirmed it, but that old tweet sure does.

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