How To Restore Your Car's Shine:

For generations, auto detailing has been the most effective method for restoring a faded clear coat back to a healthy shine. However, while detailing a vehicle with wax and polish is beneficial as upkeep and as a protectant, it does very little to actually restore the car to its factory finish. On the other hand, Spick and Span Auto Detailing’s refinishing system is a hand-applied process that chemically adheres to the existing clear coat to permanently restore the damaged finish with a restoration that is just as durable as the factory finish.

They treat their customer’s vehicles like their own, and they take the time to answer any questions their customers might have.

Questions You Can Ask The Auto Detailing Expert:

Q: What is the Spick and Span Auto Refinishing System?
A: It’s a process that is done to remove swirl marks, scratches, water spots, oxidation, and more.

Q: What is the process of the Auto Refinishing System?
A: Spick and Span Auto Detailing removes all the scratches, swirl marks, etc. by hand, and then they apply a clear coat to protect the paint for years to come.

Q: Does your business do detailing or wash services?
A: Yes we do!