A 35-year-old Austin woman is currently in jail after she fled the scene of an accident. When she fled, she left her four-year-old son to crawl out of a rolled-over car by himself. 

In a story published by FOX-7 in Austin, Yolanda Olvera has been charged with Failure to Stop and Render Aid and is in the Travis County Jail. When officers arrived on the scene they found a vehicle that was fully turned over onto its roof. The driver's side tire was ripped off, and the windows were broken out, an affidavit states. Four witnesses told police they saw the suspected driver run away from the scene.

One witness said he observed the driver, a Hispanic female, crawl out of the driver's seat. She then took a car seat out of the back of the vehicle and attempted to take a child out from the backseat. She then fled the scene before getting the child out of the vehicle. The witness said the child had to crawl out of the car through broken glass and debris.  One of the witnesses held the child until the police arrived.  Another witness also reported the driver as being drunk.

Five hours after the crash, the police received a missing child report.  According to the article, the police ran the plates they were able to find out the owner of the vehicle. They found Yolanda, as she was leaving a hospital. The officers interviewed her, and she confirmed to them that she was driving from a friend's house who lived off of Oltorf Road around 5-6 a.m. She remains in the Travis County Jail and has been charged with a felony.

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