Nearly a decade ago, Star Wars star John Boyega played a teen in South London who protects his neighborhood from an alien invasion in Attack the Block. Joe Cornish’s 2011 action comedy has since been remembered as a sharp antidote to the cliches of the sci-fi genre. Fans have been pining for a sequel for years now, and in a surprising twist, it actually might happen. In a new episode of the Script Apart podcast, Cornish shared his intentions to bring Attack the Block back nine years after it debuted. Listen to the audio clip for yourself:

And here’s the transcript of Cornish’s response:

We’ve got ideas. I met with John a couple of months ago to talk about it. We’ve always had ideas since after the first one, but obviously we’ve both been busy doing different things. In a weird way, kinda, the longer you leave it the more interesting it is. So that’s what I’ll say.

Boyega responded to the news on Twitter:

What’s exciting about the possibility of an Attack the Block sequel is how it would use the time jump to its advantage. As Cornish said, the longer you leave a movie without a sequel, the bigger the buzz when it does return (*cough cough* Avatar). Now that Boyega has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of sci fi, seeing him in Attack the Block would be really cool. And hopefully, Cornish and Boyega could find a way to weave in relevant social commentary, much like the first movie did. So far, the talks have only been preliminary. But now we know that an Attack the Block sequel is possible, and that’s certainly worth something.

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