Buzz Question-  So, I threw my wife's BRA in the WASH the other day and I got the Wrath! What the heck?  And yes afterwards it went in the dryer like everything else. Well HELL my bad, I heard about  it.    Please give me the LOW DOWN on washing a BRA! Because apparently I don't know!

Here Is What People Are Saying About It?

Make it fun and ask your wife.

They must’ve been her good bras lol

There's probably a special way to wash it. Best left to the professionals

Wire bra’s absolutely never go in the dryer the dryer screws up the wire n makes the material weak n some bras needs a delicate wash because of the material n when in regular wash the straps get tangled with other items n get stretched out

First of all, I don't ever remember washing a bra. How did you ever get the opportunity to even do so? Out of all the years I lived with a woman, idk how you even were able to get your hands on their second most prized possession. Maybe you will have enough luck to win the lottery, get a promotion at a dead end job, grow a silver tooth, or get breakfast in bed before you ever get a chance to do that again.

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