BUZZ QUESTION - Guys, had this trip planned for months now with my girlfriend. Well, she got a puppy about 2 weeks ago and now she's throwing this at me. She wants to POSTPONE or CANCEL the trip for another time because she has a new puppy and she's not going to LEAVE it with someone or somewhere. My first reaction was to try to come up with a solution, but Should I JUST SMILE AND NOD MY HEAD? Should I even fight it?


Ray- Look, she needs to respect her man and the plans that he made for them. I get she has a new puppy but really?

Sara- It's not a problem. I'm sure if you talk to her you can make plans for the puppy. Just communicate and make everyone happy.

Michelle - I'm with her. He's a new puppy and they are starting to bond. You can take a trip anytime. Just reschedule. 

Kenith- Aw man, this is tough, because either the dog or YOU is going to end up in the DOG HOUSE! 

Gwen- Look, who are you trying to make happy here? Yourself or her. Even though it might be a little crazy if that's what she wants then POSTPONE the trip. Make her HAPPY, Live it...LEARN it! or it will be a long relationship for you!






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