Buzz Question- So, you're saying there's a chance? So, I'm not sure  where this leaves me. I asked this lady OUT.  I've been talking with for a while. And, her response got me scratching my head. She said.. "not at this moment"! Um, please help me understand what the hell this means!

Here Is What People Are Saying About It

Anything but a YES is a NO!

Bro, please move on!

She means ONCE she gets rid of her man, you will have a chance....hang tight!

Heather Cadena Fuentes
It means she is NOT interested at this moment. So I would just move on.
Courtney Holdampf
It means she’s not and trying to be polite as best she can. Women are usually scared to just say no flat out because of past reactions to it.

She's trying to say no without hurting you, stupid!

Jus keep moving…

That means HELL no so just move on!

She ain’t interested. Can’t be no more clearer than that lol

If y’all have been talking and she didn’t just say yes then she has already friend zoned the hell out of you. Find someone else and don’t give her as much attention. Women are just like men they want their cake and eat it too. She didn’t say no because… See more

That means at this moment there is this other guy she wants more than you. If he messes up your next in line. So at this moment she don’t want to ruin what she has with her #1.,but your second in line. Unless another guy gets her attention then you can… See more

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