Big murals will be popping up around town to help kids get involved in art and to bring some color to Midland.

According to NewsWest 9, the first big mural of the year was created over the weekend presented by Artworks Midland, Pool Techniques, Inc, and Teen Flow.

The purpose is to get kids involved in art and show off their creativity to the city.

"Our basic outreach is just creativity you know. It’s an open canvas. I mean there’s no wrong way to do art is the way I see it," said Jerry Collazo, curator of Artworks Midland.

Teen Flow, a youth ministry group, partnered with Artworks Midland because they wanted to have a great way to get kids out and exercise their creativity since they have been unable to do so the past year.

"We like to get them out of the house, get them somewhere that they can kind of produce something positive and have fun with it, have fun with their peers, experience new things in the community," said Samantha Carrell, Executive Director of Teen Flow.

The turnout was bigger than expected with everyone from young kids to teenagers showing up to spray paint the mural that says "Love You."

"It’s an opportunity you know because a lot of people can’t come here because of COVID, but it’s fine. We appreciate it, and also I asked all my servant leaders to come to support us and just have fun you know," said Milagros Hernandes, a member of Teen Flow.

Artworks Midland is hoping this will be the beginning of many more projects and they hope to bring along more organizations to work with.

If you want to check out the mural, it is located at 2514 W. Ohio in Midland.

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