Arrow Season 6 has more immediate concerns than whatever new mission Oliver picks up after a five-year crusade, but questions remain if the CW drama will more closely resemble its comic roots. Specifically, will Oliver Queen finally make good on that facial hair Stephen Amell has been dreading?

Legends of Tomorrow appearance that would
skew closer to his print counterpart. Amell himself revisited the joke upon
Season 6 renewal news, pointing back to an earlier Tweet in which he’d promised to show up for work in full comic Green Arrow regalia:

Granted, there’s a natural bit of wiggle-room to Amell’s tweet that could see him showing up to work as such, but not necessarily filming an actual episode. The bit of scruff Amell seemed to be growing out in a more recent Season 6 post at least has fans optimistic:

Elsewhere of Arrow Season 6, we can at least consider Rick Gonzalez’s Wild Dog and Juliana Harkavy’s Dinah Drake safe from Lian Yu’s destruction, by their ascent to series regulars. Katie Cassidy will also return to the series as such in her Earth-2 Black Siren capacity, while John Barrowman has firmly denied the return of Malcolm Merlyn, and executive producers have teased at least one more flashback.

We’ll see what (if any) changes Arrow Season 6 brings for the core characters, but should the series visually skew any closer to the comics?

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