Ariana Grande replied to a fan to confirm that she still wants to meet Blackpink this weekend at Coachella.

A fan asked why she didn't meet with the girl group. Grande replied, "They weren't there. We performed on different days but I hope to see their set / meet them this week! they are so great"

Grande went to Friday's date of Coachella as a fan and admitted that she attended in sweat pants to listen to good music. Her Instagram story read, "P.S. we're late bc I had an anxiety attack I'm so sad ily Blackpink."

Though we're hoping Grande gets to meet the group, Blackpink had other admirers during their show and even supported some other artists by attending their sets.

Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa met Jaden Smith at his set along with his father Will.

Khalid attended Blackpink's set and danced the night away. He met up with the ladies post-set and was all smiles.

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