You guys, the time has finally come! Ariana Grande has officially announced the release date of new single “7 Rings”

The "thank u, next" singer took to Twitter today (Jan.10) to share the artwork (which consists of a pink door with the words "7 Rings" spray-painted on it), as well as reveal that her new track will drop on January 18.

But that's not all! On Wednesday night (Jan. 9), she also shared what appears to be the lyrics to the song on her Instagram Stories. Though she hasn't confirmed anything yet, she did tag her former Victorious co-star Matt Bennett in the post alongside the words "what have u done," prompting fans to question if the lyrics are the real deal or not.

“Buy myself all of me/he he he, tea/they say ‘which one?’/i say/‘I want all of ‘em’/I see it, I like it, I want it, i got it by now/let me give you some tea/7 rings, 7 rings/i pop it, i pierce it/7 rings, 7 rings/I call her, I say ‘Hello!’/one: not right/two: not quite/’re on track/four: do not go back!/five: you’re almost there!/six: it’s over there!/seven: that’s right!/7 rings, 7 rings."

ariana grande 7 rings lyrics
Ariana Grande, Instagram Stories

Based on a tweet she shared in December, the lyrics definitely line up. At the time, she revealed that the song is about friendship and a shopping day in New York City.


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