Warmer weather is here and it's perfect sky-watching weather. Tonight and tomorrow you can watch the Aquariid meteor shower! 

The best viewing for the annual eta Aquariid meteor shower will be just before dawn tomorrow morning. Peak rates are normally around 40 meteors per hour, but the gibbous Moon will wash out the fainter etas, resulting in about 15-20 per hour under clear skies.

This debris and dust from Comet Halley hits Earth's atmosphere at a blazing 147,000 miles per hour and starts burning up at altitudes around 68 miles; most are vaporized by the time they reach 56 miles above the Earth's surface. The radiant rises late, so don't expect to see many etas before 3 AM local time.

NASA's sky cameras have detected 22 eta Aquariid fireballs since April 29. Weather in Midland/Odessa over the next few nights will be partly cloudy with a chance of rain. Not ideal, but fair for meteor watching!