With "fake news" becoming more common these days, it's making today (April 1 aka April Fool's Day) much easier to trick people into believing loads of things.

And while we're all trying to think of our own best pranks, brands from Coca-Cola to Netflix to Amazon to Google have all come up with their own jokes to get us LOL-ing — along with making us scratch our heads and wonder if they actually exist.

Find out what they've come up with below.


While you're using Google maps to figure out where to meet your friend for lunch, the app has a new feature, which can transform the screen into a huge Ms. Pac-Man game. Using the same streets you just passed, you can swipe Ms. Pac-Man in all directions to eat dots and avoid those ghosts, which you can see above.

Thought Google Home was cool? Well now, you can take it outdoors with Google Gnome to help you turn on your water hose and play tell you wind directions.


If you've hopped on the Alexa bandwagon, Amazon is providing a "new feature" with Petlexa. From counting your hamster's steps on the wheel to activating an automatic ball thrower for your dog, it'll help you get more insight into your pet's life and make them much happier.


Netflix introduced their latest original programming with Netflix Live, which is set to blow your minds with growing grass and drink toasts. And if you still need more convincing to tune in, Will Arnet will be hosting the whole program!

Daily Mail

Daily Mail sent some people buzzing when they did a two-page spread revealing that
Prince Harry and his girlfriend,
Suits star
Meghan Markle, ran off to Las Vegas and got hitched for only $300.


Coca-Cola wanted to add more cheer to our days by adding a shot of helium to their the soft drink. "By carbonating Coca-Cola Classic with a small shot of helium," the company said via The Telegraph, "the drink alters vocal cords by allowing sound to travel faster, and makes them more responsive to high-frequency sounds. This creates the squeaky high-pitched effect on the drinker’s voice." A Coke spokesperson was also quoted saying, “We’re delighted to be launching Coca-Cola Helium this year – it really inflates our range of drinks and lifts our fans spirits. Popularity of Coca-Cola continues to balloon and this new variant is set to be a flyaway success.”


Burger King

If you're in Paris, Burger King has released a new toothpaste in the country to keep that Whopper flavor in your mouth all day long. Now doesn't that sound tempting.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut announced that it's opening a spa that will offer therapeutic dough kneading, pizza oven saunas and pepperoni face masks. Bloomingdales

And finally, Bloomingdales revealed that there will be a new pup salon for all your puppy's beauty needs.

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