On this date in music history: A music legend was murdered, that blonde chick from Van Halen broke up the band, and more!

57 years ago. . . In 1957, the EVERLY BROTHERS' smash hit "Bye Bye, Love" was first released . . . after being rejected by 30 record labels.  It went on to hit #2 on the Pop chart and #1 on the Country chart.

44 years ago. . . In 1970, RICHARD NIXON signed a measure banning cigarette advertising on radio and television, to take effect after January 1st, 1971.

38 years ago. . . In 1976, the spring break classic "Margaritaville", by JIMMY BUFFETT, was released!

30 years ago. . . In 1984, the great MARVIN GAYE was shot to death by his own father . . . who later pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and got off with probation.

29 years ago. . . In 1985, DAVID LEE ROTH left VAN HALEN to pursue a mediocre solo career.  Meanwhile, Van Halen continued to have major success with mediocre music.

22 years ago. . . In 1992, BILLY IDOL pleaded no contest to punching a woman in the face.  He was fined and told to make public service announcements against rampant alcohol and drug use.

20 years ago. . . In 1994, on a ski trip in Telluride, Colorado, CHRISTIE BRINKLEY escaped death as her helicopter crashed into a mountainside, injuring five, and killing Christie's marriage with beautiful BILLY JOEL.

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