An anonymous patron of a local Midland restaurant truly knows the meaning of Memorial Day.

According to NewsWest 9, a man left a beer on the table at Buffalo Wild Wings in Midland with the name, rank, birthdate, and date his friend died in the line of duty the night before Memorial Day.

The server, Kayla Richter, said the sight gave her chills so she left the beer and the note written on a napkin on the table.

Another server, Madison Glover, said people were looking at the lone beer on the table and were wondering what it was all about so she decided to make a sign letting people know what it was all about.

The sign said the table was reserved and also encouraged people to say a prayer and thank the troops, and that is just what everyone did.

Soon the table was full of beers and drinks with notes for other fallen soldiers.

By the end of the night three tables had to be pulled together to accommodate all the prayers, beers, shots, and drinks left in honor of the fallen soldiers.

You can see the picture of the table above.
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