We’re nearing the end of Andor Season 1, and this week’s episode begins tying together all of the show’s many themes and ideas that have run through all of the shows so far. The theme song that has been getting louder and more elaborate each week is even louder in Episode 11, adding in new horn instruments — and that could indicate that Andor is about to formally join the Rebel Alliance. (Horns typically symbolize a call to battle when used in orchestral music.)

That’s one of the many Star Wars Easter eggs, references, and little details you might have missed in the latest Andor installment. Our new video breaks them all down, including the callback to Return of the Jedi, the sad story of B2EMO, all of the artifacts in Luthen Rael’s shop that come from previous Star Wars movies, the meaning of Syril Karn’s secret box, and the triumphant return of Hammer Guy. (Did you miss him?!?) Watch it below:

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