Last night on American Idol, I was painfully watching the first one hour, and wondering why am I watching this! I'm sure you were thinking the same thing! Five guys stay tonight here are my painful picks.

Devin is a great signer and yes I think he will go far, he might be a great international star! He sings so effortlessly in both English and Spanish, plus he is super humble and cute!

Lazaro is truly a class act! He has a stutter, but you would never know it with how wonderful he sings! I know that Lazaro will make it super far on Idol!

Burnell's song that he sang last night was the song that captivated the judges in New Orlenes! He even dropped 40 pounds before going on the show and it really shows!

Vincent, wow I loved this performance! I really hope that he moves on to the top ten, he has the drive and lungs to belt it out!

Amen Curtis Finch Jr! I think he saved the show last night! His performance was the most uplifting of the night. He build it up the audience and took us all on a great vocal ride!

What did you think about last nights show? Do you think my top 5 is right on?