Allie X released an official statement after she was accused of leaving her dog in a hot car.

Over the weekend, on Twitter fellow musician Simon Curtis claimed he saw Allie leave her dog in a hot, locked car for nearly 20 minutes. Allie shared her side of the story Monday (Aug. 8) in a Notes-app statement posted to Twitter. The "Hello" singer claimed she briefly stopped at a store after taking her dog, Koji, on a walk.

"Koji is extremely socially anxious so I parked right at the entrance, checked my thermostat, and made a fast decision to let Koji continue napping in what I felt was a cool and safe environment for a few minutes while I ran in and out," she explained.

Allie claimed the stop only took 11 minutes and that her dog was safe and comfortable when she returned to her vehicle.

"I say those as facts, not defensively," she continued, adding she laughed at the time because she was "frightened and uncomfortable of these two men outside of my car" who were filming her.

"These details matter, and because of the dramatizations I've received hundreds of attacks and death threats made more terrifying by the fact that this person posted my face and my identifiable information with the sole intent to dox me," Allie wrote.

The singer apologized for the situation and explained she was unaware it is illegal to leave a dog in a car with the windows up. She added she thought it was a better decision to leave the windows closed since the air had been on before she exited the vehicle.

Allie also thanked Curtis for his concern but expressed her belief that the situation was handled poorly.

"I certainly would have been happy to speak to you about Koji and her well-being if I hadn't been frightened of you and your aggressive behavior," Allie wrote, adding she felt "cornered and scared" at the time. "Bullying me, making fun of the way I look etc. feels like a strange way to fight for animal does using it as an opportunity to promote your music? ... Koji's philosophy is to see the best in people, so maybe we should both give that a try."

Red her full statement below:

In turn, Curtis shared a timeline that differed from Allie's. He claimed he was at Allie's car for 11 minutes before calling the police; 17 minutes before she returned to the vehicle.

"The video I posted was to learn the identity of the person who laughed in the face of 4 people waiting near her car (me, my partner, Sportsman Lodge security, and another concerned man), for exactly 17 minutes," he tweeted.

The singer also claimed his tweet promoting his music was "a joke in response to the flood of psychos saying I made up that ghoul locking her dog up to 'promote my music.'"

The "Not So Bad in LA" singer was referred to as a "disgusting Karen" and accused of animal abuse by the recording artist, writer and actor over the weekend. On Twitter, Curtis posted a video of Allie backing her car out of a parking spot and while laughing. He asked for help identifying the woman in the video and claimed she left her dog in the car with the windows up "for almost 20 minutes" in extreme heat.

Curtis shared he called the police and waited for the dog's owner to return.

"A larger breed dog can DIE in those conditions within six minutes, and this foul f---ing ghoul with her dumb ponytail braids came out and ROLLED HER EYES and sneered when she came out to find a small crowd around her car," he wrote. Curtis added Allie claimed her dog — Koji — had only been in the car for about five minutes.

"I literally thought I was about to watch a dog die," he continued.

After other Twitter users identified Allie X as the woman in the video, Curtis posted several additional tweets. He also retweeted a message that allegedly showed the phone call another Twitter user placed to contact police about the situation.

In another tweet, he encouraged followers to check out his music so long as they "don't abuse dogs."

Check out his tweets below:

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