Hey, are you between the ages of 18 and 25? Are you of Middle Eastern descent? Are you free from April of this year right on through to January 2018? Have you ever been described as ‘telegenic,’ and most importantly, can you hit a high C? Then good news, you have a solid shot at landing one of the starring roles in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming live-action Aladdin remake for Disney!

A new item in The Hollywood Reporter states that the production has sent out what’s referred to in the biz as a “cattle call” casting notice, openly inviting everyone and anyone that fits the necessary criteria to show their stuff and go out for the roles of Aladdin or Jasmine. Per THR’s report, the summons for young actors states that all applicants “must be able to sing” and that dancing experience is a “plus.” Disney took a similar approach to filling out the cast of their upcoming Mulan remake as well, searching for undiscovered talent with Mandarin fluency.

It’s a pretty sharp idea from Disney’s top brass — casting an unknown means that they can get away with paying the starry-eyed newbie a fraction of what an established name would cost. Plus, it’s just a relief to know for certain that Disney’s not going to try to pass off a well-tanned white actor as Middle Eastern for the film, a process now known as Gyllenhaaling.

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