If you were there you know. The greatest band for love songs was hitting all the right notes this past Saturday night at the Wagner Noel in Midland . They've been doing it for 40 years and this was their first time in Midland.

Yes, they performed all their love songs. The cool thing was that there were so many hits performed that you found yourself saying 'Wow, that's their song too."  It wasn't till the end of the concert that you realized how many hits they have had.

But, the biggest take away from the night was how Russell Hitchcock's voice was still has good as ever. No really. You would think he would be more hoarse or not able to hit the high notes. NOT THE CASE. I'm now convinced that Russell's voice is and was top 5 of all time ever. WOW.

Much love to Graham Russell who pretty much has written all of these awesome love songs.

What a show, and if you were there, you know!

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