Like an enjoyable version of Entourage, the cult-beloved Britcom Absolutely Fabulous took an acidic, satirical eye to the world of celebrity and fame. A pair of aging PR agents with delusions of life of the A-list cut a calamitous swath through thirty-nine episodes of booze-and-drug-fueled hijinks in the early ’90s, and now the nostalgia factor has reunited creator/star Jennifer Saunders with her co-star Joanna Lumley for a feature-length movie. It turns out ten years’ worth of aging has only made the actresses and their characters more hilariously tragic, their futile attempts to muscle into exclusive soirees and land new clients twice as disastrous.

A characteristically catastrophic night out for Edina (Saunders) and Patsy (Lumley) sets the movie in motion, as a poorly-conceived attempt to secure representation for Kate Moss results in the supermodel toppling into the briny deep. (Nearby, Jon Hamm appears as himself to deliver a brutally funny one-liner.) The newly released trailer embedded above finds the two women taking refuge in the safe bosom of France, where “everyone is a criminal.” Of course, wherever Edina and Patsy go, trouble must necessarily follow, and so they‘re back to stumbling into geriatric lesbian dating events and sliding off of steep hills before you can say “sweetie darling.”

The series (Ab Fab to its devoted fanbase) was always known for its plentiful celebrity cameos, and the feature film won’t be short on famous faces, either. Moss plays herself in the film, as do fashion types Lily Cole, Emma Bunton, Stella McCartney, and Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie. The first teaser offered a glossy vision of paradise and luxury, but the new clip emphasizes the less-glamorous aspects of Edina and Patsy’s farcical lives. The unshy first clip has both women grappling with the cruel effects that aging has on the body, but doing so with the typically sharp humor for which they‘re known. Upper crust, consider yourselves warned.