Abigail Breslin faced a storm of social media backlash after posting a photo of herself and Tiffany Trump, the other daughter of Donald Trump, hanging out at a mutual friend's birthday party on Tuesday (January 17).

After sharing the photo of herself and the "Like A Bird" singer on Instagram, Breslin found her comments section lit up with outrage and confusion, much of it aimed at her relationship with the controversial now-president's daughter. ("That's why no one likes you, Chanel #5," wrote one particularly pop culture-savvy commenter.)

Amid the more inflammatory reactions, however, some argued that Tiffany, who is part of the "Trump machine," is fair game for criticism—as are those who associate with her socially and publicly.

"Sorry, Breslin, but people have every right to judge you for your associations and what you attempt to normalize," one user commented. "While some of these comments are disgusting in their nature, people have the right to call you out for hanging out with the daughter of demagogue Trump, as she also stood by his side and campaigned for him. She is part of an institution attempting to rob Americans of their civil rights, freedoms, roll back progress, destroy our environment, appoint pay for play cabinet members completely unqualified for their jobs, etc."

Breslin quickly responded to the backlash on Instagram, addressing her followers in a note which clarified her personal political leanings and condemned users for judging her friendship.

"I didn't vote for Trump," the actress wrote. "It's none of anyone's business, but I didn't. However, it is honestly disgusting of people to be so cruel about Tiff who is a wonderful and kind person."

"If you're judging me for hanging out with someone I've known for years at our [friend's birthday party, you need to reevaluate your life," she added, continuing her plea again on Twitter.

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