Aaron Carter's team has responded to allegations of racism after the pop singer was accused of modifying slang into a racial slur prior to an altercation at his concert in Bradley, Illinois.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in a statement, Carter's rep said, "No racial slur was used by Aaron Carter. His response to his attacker was a pop culture slang phrase equivalent to the phrase 'Bye, Felicia,' also found in the urban dictionary. As a result, Aaron was punched twice in the head and left bloody, so he was taken to the hospital for observation."

On Friday night (February 17), Carter was performing at a venue called the Looney Bin when he asked security to boot another artist—ILL State, who had just wrapped up a performance—from the building after the artist had reportedly disrupted Carter's set.

According to TMZ, as the man was being removed by a security guard, Carter said, "Bye, Felipe," a play on the slang phrase "Bye, Felicia!"—however, the individual, who was reportedly Hispanic, came back into the venue and allegedly attacked the pop artist, damaging equipment in the process, over Carter making what some are considering a racially-charged comment.

After a fight ensued, a bloodied Carter was transported to the emergency room. The police are currently investigating the incident.

On Saturday, Carter broke his silence regarding the altercation on Twitter, sharing a photo of himself laying in a hospital bed and writing, "Chillen w my boys before I finally get to bed... hospitals suck. & so do bullies. My face is still pretty though and untouched."

See his message below:

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