Due to what I am choosing to diplomatically refer to as “recent political shake-ups,” the future of women’s health center Planned Parenthood looks dark and uncertain. New bills have placed their all-important federal funding in jeopardy, and not the fun kind, where you get to show off how many river names you remember from middle school. In addition to making it more difficult to procure safe abortions, the proposed changes would threaten the availability of birth control and the various medical services that Planned Parenthood offers. If they hope to survive in the years to come, they’ll need grassroots support, and today brings the new that they’ll get a helping hand from the good folks at A24.

The boutique distribution/production studio is preparing to move their 20th Century Women from a limited release to nationwide cineplexes this weekend, and has commemorated the occasion (as well as that other thing that’s happening today) with a donation to Planned Parenthood. The press release A24 sent out today doesn’t specify the amount that they’ll donate, only that their donation will be “in honor” of the 21st century women (and men) who will go to see the film this weekend.

Planned Parenthood figures prominently into the film, both as the site where Elle Fanning’s character acquires her birth control and where a second, other, more spoilery thing happens. A24 has also released a featurette that focuses on the matter of women’s health and how the film engages with it, featuring quotes from Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, who consulted on the film. At a time of great public upheaval such as the present, everything becomes politicized. Nice to see A24 trying to do a little good.

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