Dancing is some hard business, especially when you are singing and keeping time and rhythm with eight other people. In this dance rehearsal footage set to their song 'Wild,' K-Pop collective 9 Muses each take their turn as the lead dancer in their troupe and show what life is like at one of their dance practices.

The ladies sure are working hard.

Dressed in matching ensembles comprised of black shorts and tanks, the ladies show us how it's done as they dance the routine that has been choreographed for this piece of music.

We love how each member has a second to shine in the spotlight. If you ever wanted a sneak peek into what it's like to be a member of a girl group, this gives you a little insight into the "work" element.

There's lots of legs, limbs and arms, and their sneakers show a little bit of their personalities, since they are all dressed monochromatically and uniformly, with a little bit of individuality courtesy of their kicks.

Each one is prettier than the next, too. But we marvel at their ability to keep time and to get the moves down while keeping pace with one another. Nice job, gals.