Giving those of you who are new to the state some things that really irritate us.

  1. Calling the state tree of Texas a Pee-Can Tree - This is probably the most egregious act of all. Pee-Cans are what we would call a porta-potty at the fair. The proper pronunciation of pecan is [puh-KAHN].
  2. Giving us a glass of unsweet tea - Another way to irritate us is to give us a glass of unsweet tea. Our grandmothers from birth put sugar in our tea and usually a whole bunch of sugar. So if you hand us a glass of unsweet tea, just expect to be wearing it.
  3. Calling it a pickup truck - it is either a pickup or a truck, it is not both. If you like saying pickup truck, do you also call non-trucks an automobile car?
  4. Complaining about our hot weather or lack of winter - This is Texas after all, what were you thinking? That the frozen tundra of Minnesota or New York was the norm for all 50 states. But you should be glad you are in Midland/Odessa and not Houston in the heat of summer. That is when the devil himself even complains about the heat.
  5. Driving slow - We have covered this several times but people still don't get it. We in Texas are in a hurry for no reason, and we like it that way, so lead, follow, or get out of the way if you are driving on Texas roads.

There are the main things that will irritate a person from Texas, so you have been warned to follow these rules or else you might get a hat thrown at you.


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