Father's Day is coming up this Sunday and there are some interesting statistics about gift giving.

Father's Day is Sunday, which means if you order something today you can probably get it there in time with just standard shipping.  Why pay $3 more for guaranteed faster delivery, right?  He only gave his entire life to you.

Here are five stats on giving Father's Day gifts this year, from the National Retail Federation:

1.  75% of people plan on celebrating Father's Day. The younger you are, the more likely you are to celebrate; which makes sense. Sadly, the older you are, the more likely it is your father isn't with us anymore.

2.  The average person says they'll spend $116.

3.  Men will spend about $20 more than women.  Which is ridiculous, because your dad totally favored your sister growing up, yet here you are as adults and YOU'RE the one willing to pay more for his gift.

4.  18% of people are spending more than last year, 10% are spending less and the rest are spending about the same.

5.  And 28% of people will get a Father's Day gift for their husband, 4% will get one for their grandfather and 1.4% will get one for their godfather.