Here are 5 rules you should follow to keep yourself out of the social media doghouse this Holiday Season.

'Real Simple' posted a list of social media rules you should try to follow around the holidays.  And a few are pretty good. Here are the top five:

1.  Get permission before you post photos of someone else's kids. If it's your niece or nephew, you're probably fine and most parents already flood their Facebook page with pictures of their kids anyway. It's still a good idea to ask.

2.  Don't post mean things about your family, especially OLDER relatives. You'll probably get fed up with them at least once this month, but venting to a friend about it is different than live-tweeting about your crazy uncle at dinner. They might be more tech savvy than you thought.

3.  Try not to interrupt a moment just to get a photo. Don't stop the prayer at dinner just to get a bird's-eye shot of the table. Also, do you really need to take photos of your kid opening every present.  Being PART of a moment is more important than Facebook likes.

4.  Don't make other people follow your social media rules; for example: If you're throwing a party, don't have a 'no-phones' rule and make people check them at the door. It's better to lead by example, and ASK people if they want to do it with you.

5.  Don't be a grinch about other people's posts. Like when your friends post annoying, inspirational messages about the holidays, try to be generous with your likes instead of just being cynical.

These tips will help you better enjoy the Holidays. Have some you would like to share? Leave them in the 'comments' box below!

(Real Simple)