5 Seconds of Summer were featured in Seventeen magazine's November 2014 Hot Guy issue, so it's only natural that they give their fans a little tease.

One thing we learned: The guys aren't afraid to show some skin!

Luke Hemmings admitted the craziest thing he done on tour is “Run around hotel rooms naked! Once when we lived in London, I went downstairs and Calum was making a cup of tea naked, so I took a photo. Calum’s butt is everywhere now.” (Quotes via Gossip Center.)

And while 5SOS have thousands of girls pining for them, Michael Clifford admitted that he didn't always have luck with the ladies.

“I guess I’m a little girl crazy," he told the magazine. "Back in school, girls I liked actually liked Calum or Luke. I didn’t let that make me jaded, but it’s been a struggle to get girls to like me. I’ve learned not to focus on little crushes. Even now, I still get friend-zoned!”

But no matter how big the band gets, the guys keep their priorities straight. Calum Hood keeps his family close to him, even when he's on the road, thanks to some special tattoos. So which one is most meaningful?

“This one. [Points to a bird with ‘Mali-Koa’ underneath.] It’s my sister’s name," he said, adding, "She’s my best friend, and no one else gets me like she does. I go to her for everything. I also have a tattoo of my parents’ initials, so they’re always with me. It brings me good luck. Family is everything.”

Lastly, 5SOS put One Direction feuds to rest once and for all! Ashton Irwin even confessed that he made a good friend while touring with the superstar band.

“Niall. He comes from a cool family, and he’s a really genuine dude," Aston explained. "He’s got a good sense of humor and he loves rock bands. We really bond over that.”

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