If you are new to Texas or a native Texan like me, here are 5 foods you should at least try to get the full Texas experience.

All of these foods I have tried at least once and some of them I love to eat to this day, others, not so much.

  1. Mountain Oysters (or Calf Fries) - This may be one that people will decide not to try but you should at least give them a chance before dismissing them. They are the testicles of a bull but if cooked right they are pretty flavorful. Guys don't get all macho and say "I am not eating testicles," are you scared you might like them?
  2. Pickled Okra - I was raised by a mother that was raised on a farm so fresh produce has always been in my wheelhouse and there is nothing I love more than okra, especially pickled okra. I prefer the regular kind and not the hot pickled okra personally.
  3. Pickled Pig's Feet - This one is one that I tried once and even though I love all the other parts of a pig, this one I am not all that fond of. Being the son of a farm girl and mom telling me the filthy conditions of most pig pens and letting me know they are stomping around in their own poo, I could not get that thought out of my mind as I was trying pickled pig's feet, so this is one I will let anyone else have all they want.
  4. Cornbread and Buttermilk - Most people from the south have had cornbread and regular milk (or sweet milk as my grandmother used to call it to differentiate between regular milk and buttermilk), but if you have not had cornbread and buttermilk, you are missing out. There is nothing better than a nice bowl of cornbread and buttermilk as a meal.
  5. Banana Pudding - The only way to make this delectable dessert is to make it with Nilla Wafers. If you are not eating your banana pudding with Nilla Wafers, then you are not eating banana pudding, you are just eating pie filling. This is a favorite dessert to bring to any picnic in the summertime and I will definitely be the first one to dig in.

There they are, foods you should at least try once, and who knows, you may become a connoisseur of bull testicles.


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