1) Thriller was initially called 'Starlight'. Michael even did a demo for it but didn't like it. He told Rod Temperton, the writer of the song, to change it up and he came back with 'Midnight Man' then eventually called it 'Thriller' and got the thumbs up from Michael and Quincy Jones.

2) Sony did not want to release 'Thriller'. They had already released 6 singles and thought they were done with the album. They eventually released it and the album went back up to #1 and sold 1 Million copies a week.

3) The real reason Michael Jackson wanted to do the 'Thriller' video is because he wanted to 'turn into a monster'.

4) After the 'Thriller' video was done, Michael almost didn't release it because of religious beliefs, which is why before the video there is a statement message from Michael.

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