Watch these two teens get creative with their rendition of the 20th Century Fox theme song like you’ve never heard it before:

We have so many questions on how this video came to be. The video starts off with the TikTok creator discovering the uncanny resemblance of scraping his grandparents’ light panel to the drums at the beginning of the 20th Century Fox theme. Next, his girlfriend builds off that with an impassioned, note-for-note clapped performance of the song. A quick camera pan then reveals his grandma’s candid reaction at the very end. Regardless of how the video was born, it has gone viral, racking up 5.1 million views in just three days.

Originally used as an app for making lip-sync music videos, TikTok has completely taken on a new life of its own. For many, it’s the answer to the death of Vine, a way to continue capturing life’s smallest, most bizarre, and most hilarious moments. For others, it’s an entirely new platform for social media influencing. And every now and then, we are gifted with a TikTok that delivers comedy in an unprecedented way. Without time limitations (Vine videos had to be six seconds or under), the possibilities are endless. While many of the videos may seem silly, there's also an argument to be made that certain TikToks are a form of modern high art. One TikTok user has even been compared to Quentin Tarantino.

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