1. Halloween originated from a Celtic festival Samhain,  that was held on October 31st, the eve of the beginning of their new year. The Celtic believed the dead would return that night so they would light bonfires and dress in costume to ward off ghosts.

2. The Irish brought Halloween to the United States

3. Jack-O-Lanterns were inspired by an Irish Legend. Legend has that a man named Stingy Jack fooled the devil a was forced to walk the earth with a hollowed turnip lit by a burning coal and people started calling him "Jack of the Lantern and then it was shortened to Jack-O-Lantern

4. Trick or Treating started in the Middle Ages. Trick or treating was inspired by the medieval English tradition of "souling," which involved children going door-to-door on All Souls Day, offering prayers for residents’ deceased loved ones in exchange for food.

5.Candy wasn't given out to Trick or Treaters until the 1950's. Before the 1950's trick or treaters were given fruit, nuts, coins, or little toys.

6 5 Most popular adult costumes are: witch, vampire, cat, ghost, batman

7.Skittles are America's favorite candy according to CandyStore.com

8.Candy Corn is America's least favorite candy

9.The fear of Halloween is call Samhainophobia.

10. In a few states the night before Halloween is known as Mischief Night

11. The largest Jack-O-Lantern Display had over 30,000 Jack-O-Lanterns

12. Candy Corn was originally called Chicken Feed.

13. Silly String is banned in Hollywood on Halloween and you can be fined up to $1,000 if you are caught with it.

14. In 1962 the BBC banned "Monster Mash" because they thought it was to morbid. It was later re-released in 1973.

15.Famous magician  Harry Houdini died on Halloween in 1926.

16. The world's longest haunted house is 3,564 feet long, it's located in Lewisburg, Ohio.

17. The mask worn by Michael Myers in Halloween is actually a William Shatner mask.

18. The movie "Hocus Pocus" was called "Halloween House"

19. "It" is the most commercially successful horror film of all time.

20. Trick or Treating was also called "mumming" this is where people  dressed up as ghosts and demons, and went door-to-door performing songs and scenes from plays in exchange for food and drink.

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Catherine Yeulet


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