In the wake of the recent mass shooting at a country festival in Las Vegas, the deadliest domestic attack in United States history, gun control is once again a subject of fierce debate.

The Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting has sparked renewed conversation about what the nation can do to prevent these types of attacks that continue to plague the nation. Virginia Tech, San Bernardino, Sandy Hook, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando: the list of sites that host mass shootings continues to grow, and lawmakers have done little to curb the problem. But citizens — stars among them — will not stop shouting until the country is safer.

Over the years, a number of celebs have stood up in favor of gun reform: Kim Kardashian wants tougher gun laws enacted, Lady GagaAriana Grande (the latter of whom endured a terror bombing at one of her concerts) and John Legend are also on board and William Shatner hasn't been shy about pushing for change. Take a look at celebs who are demanding tighter gun control laws above.

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