There are things in our lives that we use and see every day that we think nothing about it. After you read this you will see them in a different way, I promise you. You know things always exist for a reason but I guess you never really think about it. Thanks Brightside for educating me.

1. Rivets on the pockets of your jeans. I always thought they were just there for design and/or looks. They actually there to keep your jeans from coming apart. It's extra support for the stitching.

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2. The "57" on a bottle of Heinz ketchup. It has nothing to do with the number at all, it has everything to do with where the number is placed on the bottle. That is the sweet spot on the bottle where you are supposed to tap to get the ketchup to come out. That's why everyone always says to tap on the neck of the bottle and not the bottom of the bottle. Now it makes perfect sense right?

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3. The grooves on the bottom of coffee cups. I had no idea about this one. They are actually for dishwasher use. It's so the water will drain off the the cup in the dishwasher and you won't get water all over you when you take them out. Who ever thought of that had a lot of time on their hands.

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4. The hole in the handle of your pots and pans. I would have never in my life thought of this but I will this trick every time I cook. The hole in the handle of your pots and pans is to hold you utensils. Who knew?

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5. The hole in the top of the cap of a pen. I had actually heard this one before. It's actually a safety feature. It's in case the lid is ever swallowed it will allow air to pass through until it can be removed from your air way.

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6.The pompom on the top of your beanie. The pompom actually had a function, it wasn't just placed there to look cute. Back in the day, French sailors wore them so they wouldn't hit their heads on the ceilings of ships. So I guess you could say it was a safety feature.

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7. The hole in the end of your tape measure. When you say it out loud it makes perfect sense but just looking at it I probably would have never thought about it. The whole in end of your tape measure is so you don't have to have an extra set of hand to hold the other end while you measure. you can tack it down and measure away.


8. The arrow next to the gas tank emblem on your dash board. It is a reminder of which side your gas tank is on. I have to use it because every time I get a new car the tank is on the opposite side or the station vehicle is on a different side and can't ever remember.

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9. The dot next the the camera on your phone. Did you even notice there was a dot next to your camera on the back of your phone. It is actually an extra microphone for recording for when you are using the back camera.

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10. The hole next to the key hole in a lock. I guess I've never even noticed there was even a hole next to the key hole. The hole is actually a drain whole, so water doesn't get trapped in the lock and cause it to rust.

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