We asked West Texans what businesses made growing up in West Texas awesome and we got some great places from your feedback that I remember as well since I grew up here too. A lot of places here in the Permian Basin were awesome places that a lot of people grew up with.


Like Shakey's Pizza, Wild River Canyon, The Kettle, Strike It Rich, Steak and Ale, Water Wonderland, Twin Cities Speedway, and Gibson's which only leaves Bob's and Dennis the Menace Park that still exists.

10 Business You Said Made Growing Up In West Texas Great

Most of these places have special meaning during my childhood, summers in my younger ages at Dennis the Menace Park, and summers in my teens at Wild River Canyon and Water Wonderland.

Late night breakfasts in my early 20s at The Kettle and weekends spent at Twin Cities Speedway watching friends race and getting mud flung all over me.

Going to Gibson's on the weekend with my parents and getting toys when I was younger and then getting 45s in my teens.

Going to Bob's and enjoying the best burger and vanilla Dr. Pepper in town which is one of two things I can still go to on this list.

So let me now write about things that were not on the list like the zoo in Midland that was closed when I was a kid which was right next to Cole Park which was a great place to have a picnic and is now the MPD Firing Range.




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