Guys, if you don't know what women want, you probably weren't listening when you were 10 years old.

The Huffington Post as published a list of what two girls, Blair age 6 and Brooke age 9, expect from a good boyfriend. Here are some of the highlights:

1.  Nice handwriting.

2.  "Cuteness."

3.  He should like his and or girlfriend's parents.

5.  Good manners.

10.  "Nice jewelry."  We assume that means he GIVES nice jewelry to her.

13.  He doesn't pick his nose.

14.  He doesn't try to kiss you on the first date.

19.  He's ALWAYS happy.

22.  His last name is "not weird."

24.  He makes you laugh.

27.  He doesn't tattle tale.

28.  He brushes and flosses.

Being married to a dental hygienist, I can't stress how important #28 is.

Being a man means listening to your significant other/partner/wife, and the ability to take good advice. I courted my wife better after reading 'How To Date Out Of Your League'. Women don't have to be such a mystery if we will remember rule #31: Clean out your ears and listen.

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(Huffington Post)