Last Friday was my birthday and my sweet wife Maureen surprised me with a party of a small group of good friends.

I was taken by surprise since Jay Hendricks and I had spent most of the day setting up for Ragin' Cajun the next night. I have to say, he didn't let on a bit, just asked if we had anything planned and said good afternoon as we parted ways. Later that afternoon I had planned on a quiet dinner with Moe and then off to bed to rest before our event the next day. Much to my surprise, a group of friends (who are really close enough to be called family) had gathered at Pizzeria Venti for a party.

It was a goofy, fun evening with people I love and another great memory to stick in the rolodex. Thanks Jay and Susan, Marty and Brooke, Meredith Joel and especially Maureen for putting it all together!


So, what did I get? Ammo and explosives and a gnome! You love me, you really love me!