The nation has never been so divided, even through the civil rights movement during the Viet Nam War.

The only comparison would be when it was at its bloodiest point, during the Civil War. Though we as a people have not taken up arms against the Government or fellow citizens, there a great number who feel as if they are not being represented by their elected officials, or that they are even governed against. Anger and frustration have reached a boiling point. Will we fall into war and chaos if the federal government tries to enforce new restrictive, some would say un-Constitutional gun laws?

I recently talked with a Congressional Representative (who shall remain nameless) about the state of the nation and the attitude of it's citizens. He shared with me that he and others in government had never seen people so willing to take up arms against a repressive administration before. They were very concerned at the level of discontent and anger of average Americans toward a government, that represents itself as not caring about their interest and actually passing laws restricting their liberties and rights, while appearing to support those who are enemies of our great country.

When new un-Constitutional guns law were proposed, people didn't throw their guns in the trash, they bought them by the millions and ammunition too, so much so that even law enforcement is having to ration. When government threatens it's people, the people would be wise to arm themselves, and they have. So the question remains, "Will Americans go to war to protect their rights?".

Do you feel like America will face a new civil war?