Wednesday, the Social Security folks announced the nation’s most popular baby names for 2013.  Did yours make the list?

Last years names took a biblical turn as the Number One name for boys was Noah! More girls were named Sophia. Here is the entire list of most popular baby names for 2013:

Social Security website

Twenty years ago the most popular baby names were:

Social Security .gov website

You can even find out what names were popular the year you were born from the website. For example, the most popular boy's name every year from 1961 to 1998 was "Michael".  It peaked in 1969, when about 5% of boys in the U.S. were named Michael.  Now it's less than 1%.  And by 2030, it'll be down around .25%.

For girls, "Emily" was the most popular name every year from 1996 through 2007, peaking at about 1.5% in 1999.  But by 2030, it'll also be down to about 0.25%.

Meanwhile, a few names that used to be popular, like "William" and "Margaret", are expected to become popular again.  You can look up your own name by googling, "Time's Baby Name Predictor".

Did your name make the 'Most Popular' list?