We've all heard the old saying, '...that and 25¢ will get you a cup of coffee'.  So we were wondering, just what a would a beard get you these days? 

A new survey found the average guy with a beard is 34, makes $60,000 a year, is married or in a relationship and goes to the gym a lot. And according to their scientific calculations, the average guy with a beard is . . . really just an average guy.

So we're thinking maybe it's possible the whole beard thing ISN'T a hipster fad.  And they're actually just permanent . . . like jeans or baseball hats?

Anyway, check out the six stats they found:

1.  The average guy with a beard is 34 years old.

2.  He's had a beard for two years.

3.  He makes about $60,000 a year.

4.  He's married or in a relationship.

5.  He lives in a city.

6.  And he goes to the gym a decent amount.

Why does it matter? Because next month is 'No Shave November'!

(Sunday World)