Unless you live in a haunted house, you're probably not hearing creepy sounds all that often. So what other household sounds are just plain creepy?

#5 Your Burglar Alarm

Anyone who has ever forgotten to turn off their alarm system after hauling in a load of groceries knows the momentary shock of an ear-spitting clacson.

#4 House Foundation Settling

Many homes with a pier and bean foundations take years to settle. The noise has been mistaken for everything from timbers breaking to a mournful spirit.

#3 Smoke Alarm

Photo by Spencer

This is one of my favorites since I love frying bacon and get to hear it often!

#2 Silverware in a Disposal

Photo by Spencer

It's a sound that shocks you from your food induced coma.

And the #1 Creepy Sound: A Washing Machine in an Unbalanced Spin Cycle

Photo by Spencer

This is especially true if you're home alone, late at night, half asleep having forgotten that you had earlier put a load in the washer.

What Creepy Sound didn't make the list?