My wife and I purchased a mattress three years ago with the promise that we've never have to worry about waking up with a sore back again. It's three years later and that promise was broken six months into the relationship. Hoping not to get fooled again, we did our research and we want you to travel on this journey with us, so if you're thinking about getting a mattress maybe what we learned will help you.

If you've ever been into one of the high-pressure stores where the sales people follow you around like vultures, you understand that they will say anything to get a sale. Believing them, that this will be the last mattress we would need for 20 to 30 years, has only led to sore backs and disappointment.

While on vacation last year in San Antonio we stayed at a wonderful four-star hotel that head very expensive sleep number beds in them. It could've been the long drive into San Antonio, or there were just happy to be out of town but we slept like babies that night.

After much debate we decided to do our research again and pick the bed that would be perfect for each of us. We believe we've done just that, but we been fooled before. It's why we're taking you along on this trip. What we discover we will pass onto you. Keep watching this blog for the latest on our sleep journey!