When you show up at the range, you never know what someone else may bring to shoot. That was the case this weekend when someone let me shoot their fully automatic, MP5.

Wikipedia describes the MP5 as:

The Heckler & Koch MP5 (from German: Maschinenpistole 5, "machine pistol model 5") is a 9mm submachine gun of German design, developed in the 1960s by a team of engineers from the German small arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch GmbH (H&K) of Oberndorf am Neckar. There are over 100 variants of the MP5,[4] including a semi-automatic version.

The MP5 is one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world,[5] having been adopted by 40 nations and numerous military, law enforcement, intelligence, and security organizations.

The MP5 can go through 30 rounds of 9mm ammunition in a little over 2 seconds, but that is not the way Special Ops and Anti-terrorist Units use it. They try to shoot it in 3 round bursts, conserving ammunition and ensuring all hits on target.

The MP5 was a dream to shoot, very low recoil and controllable. You can pic one up after passing a federal colonoscopy and laying down around $8000.