Families in America are in crisis. The problems are obvious, but could the solution could be as easy as pulling your head out of technology and talking with each other. How much time does your family spend together? 

A new survey found families only spend an average of 34 minutes together on weekdays, and 97 minutes on weekends. That is not quality time since most of that is spent watching TV or playing around on our phones. The average family also only eats four meals together a week.

These are some pretty sad stats about our quality time together.  Here are five of them:

1.  The average family only spends 34 minutes together on weekdays.

2.  You only spend 97 minutes together on weekends.

3.  80% of parents feel like they don't spend enough time with their kids.

4.  The average family only eats four meals a week together.

5.  And when you ARE together, 60% of parents say you're watching TV or all playing around on your phones.

It takes the will to make things better, so start today by turning off all your phones and devices and spending some quality time doing something you will all enjoy!

(Daily Mail)